Re: [gtk-list] Re: Pixmaps in gtk

I've been having some fun with looks like there's enough
support in there already to make things fairly configurable. Howevwer, it
still needs things done..for one thing check buttons and scroll bars and
things are drawn with rectangles rather than a style pointer to a
function. Also gtkrc doesn't understand anything except the default as far
as i can make out, and the widget sizes are too small to make pretty
pixmaps - how about borders of 4 rather than 2 for shadows, and 16 rather
than 11 for scrollbars? And a way for the user to change these defaults?

On Sat, 4 Oct 1997, Marcelo Malheiros wrote:

>   Hello!
> > > I beg to differ.  Buttons can hold any widget, including GtkPixmaps.
> > > While handling the button-press event, swap in a different GtkPixmap.
> > > You can make the user_data be a pointer to an array of GtkPixmaps,
> > > and drop the correct one in at each button press.
> > 
> > I was not precise enough (sorry). As you said, it is possible. But I had
> > in mind, that you can define in your gtkrc something like
> > "Style = fancy_pixmap_style" and have all your application automatically
> > using pixmaps for widgets. Without recompiling your apps or gtk.
>   Exactly, Jens!
>   That would be absolutely great if GTK supported multiple looks!
>   I guess this feature could make GTK even more popular, because
> people could switch to any look they prefer. The GUI-look diversity
> could be reduced in this way, and the GTK applications would have the
> same coherent appearence.
>   I think we should move into a direction similar to what's done in
> the Mac (anyone with mode knowledge of how this is accomplished?):
>   Just dream of... =)
>   Of course, the window/desktop manager would need to be GtkStyle
> compliant to get the same look in the desktop. I guess the GNOME dudes
> are working in this part.
>   Regards,
>     Marcelo
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