Re: [gtk-list] Re: Selection behavior in entries (RFC)

Peter Mattis <petm@scam.XCF.Berkeley.EDU> writes:

> Replacing the active selection with itself seems kinda
> silly. However, replacing an inactive selection is something that I
> really like being able to do. Anyone ever notice that you can make an
> inactive selection by dragging with the third mouse button?

Not until I looked at the source. It's neat though. 

> PS Here's a completely untested patch to do the above. I'm pretty sure
> it will compile...
> -         if (entry->selection_start_pos == entry->selection_end_pos)
> +         if ((entry->selection_start_pos == entry->selection_end_pos) ||
> +              (gdk_selection_owner_get (GDK_SELECTION_PRIMARY) == widget->window))

Seems like this would be simpler as:

         if ((entry->selection_start_pos == entry->selection_end_pos) ||

It's not completely reliable under race conditions, but I don't think
that's important here, and anyways, nothing will be unless you
grab the server.

I think some modifications to gtk_selection_received will be necessary
as well.

Off to try it out...

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