How can one set the colors for tooltips in gtkrc?


As far as I can tell, (though, quite possibly I am wrong), there is no
simple way to set style parameters for tooltips from gtkrc files.

This is because the tooltip popup widget is never given a name other
than the default "GtkWindow".  One can't change the tooltip color
in the rc file without changing colors for all GtkWindow's.

Am I missing something?

I know about gtk_tooltips_set_colors(), but it seems, actually, like a
bit of a hack to me.  Seems one ought to be able to configure tooltips
colors via rc files...  Am I off base?

If someone will deem this a good idea, I can produce patches.  (I
think the fix is slightly more involved than just naming the popup
window, since one should preserve (backward) compatibility with
gtk_tooltips_set_colors().)  (Actually the implentation of
gtk_tooltips_set_colors() looks a little broken to me (gtk+-971109)


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