[gtk-list] [patch] adds a pixmap dot in the scrollbars' slider.

This adds a pixmap dot (like in the NeXtaw lib) in the slider of the
horizontal & vertical scrollbars.
The pixmaps are the same in both files (hscrollbar & vscrollbar) now,
but it's quite easy to change that (sorry, I don't know gtkstyle 

I uploaded a small screen shot in the incoming directory to show you
the result before you apply the patch, but I don't know if it'll make
its way to the patch directory :). It's 4.5 Ko and more descriptive
than a long explaination.
the gif is gtk-fortier-971116-0.patch.gif.

The patch also corrects a minor (hard to trigger) bug in vscrollbar.c,
and hscrollbar don't have the focus anymore now.

The patch is against the 971109 version of gtk.


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