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Hello, everyone

I though some people here may find this interesting (it is from the
Guile mailing list).


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I've started up a mailing list for folks working on spreadsheets (and other
office applications) using guile (or another scheme implementation) as
either the basic programming language, or as an extension/macro language.

To subscribe, send mail to gss-request@nortom.com  with the word subscribe
as the body of the message.  Messages to the list can go to gss@nortom.com

I'm appending some appropriate email below.

- -pate
the friendly neighborhood guile arachnist

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(from Ulric)

No, Siag uses SIOD. When I was looking for a Scheme interpreter (late -95)
I compared Elk, Guile and SIOD. Elk wants you to write the application in
Scheme and add functionality written in C, the opposite of what I wanted
to do: add a little language to an old C program. Guile was at the time
quite unfinished and *undocumented*. SIOD provided exactly what I needed
and was very easy to use.

I have been looking at Guile off and on, in fact I downloaded 970509
yesterday. My biggest problem with SIOD is that it is so non-standard;
Carrette doesn't seem to care and I'm not so sure I do either. Right now
there is no reason for me to change.

Possible future reasons:

 - Guile gets a huge following and becomes a de facto standard like gcc.
 - I make changes to the guts of Siag which require me to rewrite the
   interface to Scheme anyway (eg changing the internal representation
   of data from string - a design decision from 1989 when this program
   ran on my old Atari - to something more efficient).
 - Someone sends me diffs. ;-)

Ulric Eriksson

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(from Ulric)

On Tue, 13 May 1997, Pat Eyler wrote:

> I would very much like to 
> forward this to the guile mailing list in an effort to spur some sharing
> among the couple of other spredsheet designers (and maybe get you that
> set of diffs ;)
> If there is any support, I'd be happy to set up a guile-spread mailing
> list for developers (and maybe a user related list as well if that
> becomes appropriate.)
> Let me know if you have any problems with this (or would like to be a
> part of it.)

I think such a list would be useful and I would certainly like to be part
of it, although "spreadsheet developers using Guile" is a very small
group IMHO.

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