Re: [gtk-list] Drag and drop...

I took a look the offix DND stuff and it seemed pretty reasonable.

(For those who don't know where to look,

Download the dnd library version 1.0 - the documentation there is more
recent then the stuff on the web page)

I had a minor concern or two about the standard, for instance,
it says:

  DndText - A null terminated string containing valid text characters.

What's a valid text character? How does the receiving application know
what encoding the text is in? But I don't think these are show-stopping 

The implementation doesn't look to bad, once more comprehensive
selection handling is implemented. Another event type will have to be
added to gtk/gdk for handling the appropriate ClientMessage
events. The interface could be pretty simple:


I still intend to write the selection handling stuff, but I might well
not have a chance for a week or two. After that's done I'd be happy to
implement DND on top of it. But if you (Otto) need it very soon, you'd
probably be better off doing the work yourself. If you plan on doing
some work on the selection mechanism, let me know and I'll pass along
some preliminary thoughts I've had about the design.


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