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perhaps this can be included in GTK.

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Hello Folks,

I would like to announce the availability of 



			A Library for generating
			     Bitmaps from 
		          Adobe Type 1 Fonts

About t1lib:
- ------------

t1lib is a library for generating character- and string-glyphs from
Adobe Type 1 fonts under UNIX. t1lib uses most of the code of the X11
rasterizer donated by IBM to the X11-project. But some disadvantages
of the rasterizer being included in X11 have been eliminated. Here are
the main features:

- - t1lib is completely independent of X11 (although the program
  provided for testing the library needs X11)
- - fonts are made known to library by means of a font database file at
- - searchpaths for all types of input files are configured by means
  of a configuration file at runtime
- - characters are rastered as they are needed
- - characters and complete strings may be rastered by a simple function
- - when rastering strings, pairwise kerning information from .afm-files
  may optionally be taken into account
- - an interface to ligature-information of afm-files is provided
- - rotation is supported at any angles
- - there's limited support for extending and slanting fonts
- - new encoding vectors may be loaded at runtime and fonts may be
  reencoded using these encoding vectors 
- - antialiasing is implemented using three gray-levels between black and
- - a logfile may be used for logging runtime error-, warning- and other 
- - an interactive test program called "xglyph" is included in the
  distribution. This program allows to test all of the features of the
  library. It requires X11.

- -------------------------

Author:      Rainer Menzner (rmz@neuroinformatik.ruhr-uni-bochum.de)
Copyright:   This program is copyright (c) Rainer Menzner, 1997. 
             Everyone is allowed to use the library and to make
	     changes to the source code, provided that the authors
	     name is left where it appears and that changes are
	     metioned in some notice. The library must be
	     distributed including sources, you are not allowed to
	     take money for this.
	     The parseAFM-package is copyrighted by Adobe Systems
	     The type1 rasterizer is copyrighted by IBM and the
Warranties:  Of course, there's NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND :-)
Credits:     I want to thank IBM and the X11-consortium for making
	     their rasterizer freely available.
	     Also thanks to Piet Tutelaers for his ps2pk, from
	     which I took the rasterizer sources in a format
	     independ from X11.

How to get it:
- --------------

You can get t1lib by anonymous ftp at:


An overview on t1lib including some screenshots of xglyph can be
found at:




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