Re: [gtk-list] Truncated labels

Words Of E. Young:
>If Shawn wants some dumb questions for the FAQ, I've got masses... :)

You may even provide a diff to the HTML file if you want, and I'll
put them in! (I can be really lazy sometimes.) ;-)

>Is it possible to get some text displayed which is truncated to fit inside
>its allocation? Looking at the label source code, it would appear not...
>If I use
>label = gtk_label_new ("cataphrastic peanuts");
>gtk_widget_set_usize (label, 50, 16);
>gtk_widget_show (label);
>Then the whole phrase is displayed, overrunning the boundaries of the
>label's box and mangling any innocent nearby widgets. Calling usize() on a
>box containing the label makes the label's requisition smaller than its
>allocation, so nothing is drawn at all. Is there a workaround, or am I
>doing something stupid?

I'm curious about this as well.  Shouldn't the default behavior be
to not over run nearby widgets?  (In other words, isn't this a bug?)

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