Re: [gtk-list] Re: Using GTK in a C++ project

On Thu, 15 May 1997, Otto Hammersmith wrote:

> Precisely that, replace delete with something.  It's just a header
> file, so as long as you have the gtk libraries built already, it won't
> affect anything... well, beside letting your program compile.
> (Though, I'm beginning to think it's a consipracy that the gtk
> developers don't want you using C++ with gtk... mind you, it's a
> conspiracy that I agree with. :)

for sure it is not, peter already put enought effort in changing the
header files to make gtk+ compatible with c++.
e.g. some time ago he changed every occourance of "class" to "klass" and
some else stuff.
also i have read about someone working on a c++ port of gtk+.
actually i don't know wether this is still in progress or dropped but
anyways, there is no 'conspiracy' about not using c++ along with gtk+.


Tim.Janik@Hamburg.Netsurf.DE	[signature: <CENS||ED>]

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