Hinting at reasonable window sizes

I'm trying to write a gtk app in which I'd like a table inside a
scrolled window.  It works in that I've got a scrolled window that
contains a table -- but it's unreadable and unusable as is because
it seems to default to about a 40x30 pixel area inside the scrolled
window, and I have no idea how to change that.

I've tried setting requisition areas manually, and all sorts of
other hacks without success.  I really don't usually want the
scrollbars to be visible at all!  I'm putting them there in case
the data in the case requires a larger window than I want to put
up by default, or than would fit on the screen; I hate to special
case the code to only stuff things in a scrolled window if there
are more than n (for some n) items in the table.  I thought that
was the reason for GTK_POLICY_AUTOMATIC, anyway...  :-)

So, what am I doing wrong?


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