Re: [gtk-list] Re: Proposal for a new project

Words Of Otto Hammersmith:
>To that end, I can arrange web and ftp space, and possibly more
>mailing lists, if need be.  I also have some free time I can devote to
>administrative-type things.

How about a good WWW interface to the gtk-list archives right on
redhat?  The discuss archive is not threaded, etc, etc.

I should say now I've secretly been working on a GTK web page
of my own, which is starting to fill out.  Take a look:

Keep in mind I'm still working on the details.

>Now my opinion on the whole thing... :)
>I've seen plenty of net-projects die.. either from inactivity or from
>flame-wars.  I'm especially wary about this one, since a lot of the
>success of the Gimp (and equally GTK) has been the small centralized
>development team.
>I'd say the majority of the usefulness behind such a beast would be to
>reduce duplication of effort... certainly not a pipeline for flamewars
>over how something should be done or look or whatever.
>So, I suppose, I want to know what everyone else on this list thinks
>at this point.  Comments?

I'd contribute to such a venture.  I think it makes more sence to 
make an C++ interface to GTK that is somewhat similar (but all it's 
own) to Qt to make porting and convincing people easier.  But I'm 
not much of a C++ programmer (or C for that matter).

Shawn T. Amundson		University of Minnesota
Systems Administration	 	Computer Science System Staff     	

Feel "free" to join the Anti-Windoze movement.  Try Linux.

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