[gtk-list] Re: gtk_container_check_resize performance

Words Of Raph Levien:
>P.S. I've taken a tour through the size negotiation section of gtk
>(gtk_container_check_resize, size_request, and size_allocate). I feel like
>I _almost_ grok it - it's complicated! I will stop yammering about it for
>now, accept the fact that the first release of gzilla will have
>performance problems, then do a thorough review later, with the goal of
>getting size negotiation and redraw calls down to an absolute minimum. 
>One thing is starting to become clear: gzilla will be a serious stress
>test of gtk+. 

I do have the feeling that much of the stuff I'm going to try and do
I'm going to get hung up on for a while.

>P.P.S. I have found on my own the answers to two of the questions I 
>posted earler. First, the gtk_window_set_policy call does what I want 
>regarding making the html window fully resizable. Second, the best way 
>for the html widget to find out the size of its containing scrolledwindow 
>(which is needed to control the set width of wrapped text) is to connect 
>a little function to the scrolledwindow's size_allocate signal. This 
>function subtracts a nice safety margin from the scrolledwindow's size, 
>then hands it to the html to force a rewrap, if necessary.

Sounding very sweet.  

On a somewhat possibly related topic, what is the possibility of a
text widget that can contain other widgets like the text bloat in TK?

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