[gtk-list] Re: gtk_container_check_resize performance

Raph Levien writes:
>BTW, can anyone explain to me the rationale for why a widget should or 
>should not have its own window? It is obvious why a viewport should be a 
>window (a cheap call to XMoveResizeWindow gets the window scrolled), but 
>far less clear why a button needs to be a window. For the time being, I'm 
>using ifdefs so I can configure the html container to have its own window 
>or not. So far, I can't see any difference, but when I start heavily 
>nesting them (because that's how tables are going to work), it will 
>probably become more significant.

Events. Events are generated (by X) on windows, so any widget which
wants to handle anything other than the basic exposure events needs to
create a window. In the instance of a button widget, it needs to be
able to get mouse press and release and enter/leave notify events. 


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