[gtk-list] Re: gtk_container_check_resize performance

This seems to do *exactly* what I wanted.  I thought I had tried 
it, but apparently not.  2 lines of code later and I'm all smiles. 


Words Of Peter Mattis:
>Shawn T Amundson writes:
>>I've tried to figure out a way to say "don't mess with this table
>>widget" and then later say "do all that messing now".  In other words,
>>prevent screen updates until a specified time.  In TK this is done
>>automatically until it gets back to the event loop unless you tell 
>>it to update.  Can a similar thing be achieved here?
>You can call "gtk_container_disable_resize" to disable automatic
>resizing of the container when a new widget is added. Calling
>"gtk_container_enable_resize" turns automatic resizing back on and, if
>a widget has been added or removed, will cause the container to
>I think I'll look into doing something like Tk does. Install an idle
>proc when a container needs to be resized inorder to defer the actual
>resizing until the events in the queue have been flushed. (Idle procs
>only run when there are no events).
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