[gtk-list] Re: Fixing KDE and Qt's licensing

> Somebody suggested a while ago that we should adopt KDE as a standard
> GUI.  This proposal was cut short because of Qt's restrictive license,
> which unfortunatly makes KDE (which by itself is GPL'ed) into a non-free
> package, even though it is most definetly a very cool program.
> I can understand why they did it.  Qt is really an excellent library.
> Most certainly one 
> I just had a wretched idea.  If we follow it, KDE will become a
> completly
> free software, worthy of our support:
> Why not reimplement the Qt toolkit?
> Victor R. Rivarola

Interestingly, on the gtk mailing list, someone suggested to implement the Qt
C++ API on top of gtk, perhaps for the same goal of fixing KDE.  gtk is the 
C-based LGPL-ed GUI toolkit which has attracted significant interest from free
software developers. Looks like lots of people are converging on the same 

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