[gtk-list] Re: [bug] motion tracking bug?

>>>>> "OT" == Owen Taylor <owt1@cornell.edu> writes:

    OT> What need to be done is to find out what is clogging up
    OT> the event queue - it shouldn't be motion events, since
    OT> they are suppressed by GDK_POINTER_MOTION_HINT. Running
    OT> the GIMP with --show-events might help.

It showed many motion *hint* events while painting.  It seems a call
to XQueryPointer generates another motion event, according to the
description in "Xlib - C Language X Interface."

o    PointerMotionHintMask

     If PointerMotionHintMask is selected in combination
     with one or more of the above masks, the X server is
     free to send only one MotionNotify event (with the
     is_hint member  of the XPointerMovedEvent structure set
     to NotifyHint) to the client for the event window,
     until either the key or button state changes, the
     pointer leaves the event window, or the client calls
     XQueryPointer or XGetMotionEvents. The server still
     may send MotionNotify events without is_hint set to

BTW, is it necessary to ignore pointer positions reported by motion
hint events as gdisplay_canvas_events does?

Kaz Sasayama, the designer of Hyperplay.
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