[gtk-list] Re: [bug] motion tracking bug?

>>>>> "ADM" == Adam D Moss <adam@uunet.pipex.com> writes:

    ADM> Hi.  Has anyone else noticed this one?

Yes, me too.

    ADM> I'm using a Wacom tablet and stylus, and I notice that on my
    ADM> not-terribly-fast machine, when using a GIMP function which tracks the
    ADM> motion of the mouse, such as paint, erase, move, or canvas-scrolling,
    ADM> GIMP will continue to track my pointer for up to several seconds after
    ADM> I've released the button, which can be rather annoying.

I just made a small change for paint as follows.  I hope it will be
easy to modify other tools too.

--- app/paint_core.c	1997-05-06 21:18:54+09	1.1
+++ app/paint_core.c	1997-05-06 21:19:28+09
@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@
   gdisplays_selection_visibility (gdisp->gimage->ID, SelectionPause);
   gdk_pointer_grab (gdisp->canvas->window, FALSE,
 		    NULL, NULL, bevent->time);
   /*  Let the specific painting function initialize itself  */

Kaz Sasayama, the designer of Hyperplay.
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