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Words Of Owen Taylor:
>#!/usr/bin/perl -w
>use Gtk;
>Gtk::init ($0,\@ARGV);
>my $window = Gtk::window('toplevel');
>$window->connect("destroy", sub { Gtk::exit(0) });
>my $button = Gtk::button_with_label("Hello World");
>$button->connect("clicked", sub { print "Hello World\n"; Gtk:exit(0) });

Personally, I prefer the following for perl.  Also, PerlTk is an awesome 
example of how to use the OO features of perl to their fullest.

use Gtk;

GtkInit($0,\@ARGV);                 # Export because the code is easier
my $window = GtkWindow('toplevel'); # to read.  Export only when it is the
                                    # right thing to do.  It is the right
                                    # thing here.

$window->connect("destroy", sub { GtkExit(0) };

# The next includes the "add" right along with the 
# with, defining the parent right away, making use of
# the OO design a bit more. (This causes significant
# decrease in code.) 
$button = $window->button_with_label("Hello World");

# Perhaps too, $button->reparent($newparent) a valid routine.



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