gtk wish list

Here's my present wish list for gtk things that would make life much
easier for gzilla.


   + button background stays in prelight if button click signal function
     button insensitive

   + cast from accelerator_key to hash sign-extends, so will cause
     if 8-bit keys are ever used in accelerators


   + accelerators should be able to use keys other than 0x20-0xff.
Netscape defines
     Esc, <alt><left>, and <alt><right>

   + why does gtk_entry_button_press always return FALSE? Since
     gtk_page_button_press does a grab, it really screws things up.


   + some way to right-justify the help menu in a menubar

   + a clean way to specify the size of a gtk_entry

   + ditto for maximum number of chars in gtk_entry (or should I hack
this by
     connecting to the CHANGED signal and undoing changes if new size
exceeds max?)

   + better size negotiation :-)

I'm still working on ideas for getting scrolling windows with embedded
widgets to work nicely, but of course it would be fantastic if that were
natively supported in gtk+. Since I'm still stuck on this point, I'm now
concentrating on the parts of gzilla that don't have much to do with
page layout. Yesterday I made the UI a bit richer, today I started on


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