New version of gtk+

I've uploaded a new version of gtk+ to This is the same version as
will be in the upcoming gimp 0.99.10 release, which will be happening
Real Soon Now.

There aren't too many changes. The most obvious is that some of the
signal handling structure and constant names have changed. (Param ->
Arg). And the GtkValueInitFunc, which was really never used except as
an experiment by myself, has changed to GtkArgFunc. I've been toying
with a mechanism for setting options for widgets and this is it. The
main problem is that it looks a lot like Xt's Va-type functions. (Take
a look at the "simple.c" test program to see what I'm talking
about). And I'm still playing around with this. It isn't set up for
all widgets and I'm not sure its even going to stay. Note: People
who've written their own widgets will need to perform some of these
name changes. GtkSignalParam -> GtkArg. GTK_PARAM* -> GTK_ARG*. And
the GtkArg structure is slightly different than the old GtkSignalParam
structure which necessitates minor changes to marshalling
functions. It took me all of 5 minutes to convert gzilla. This
shouldn't be difficult. (Yeah, this is something of a gratuitous

I've also changed the pixmap widget so that it contains only a single
pixmap and a bitmap mask. (As opposed to 5 different for
each state). The advantages are fewer pixmaps are used and pixmaps can
have truly transparent areas and therefore work better in the context
of background pixmaps. To support the bitmap masks, gc's in gdk now
support clip masks. (And image widgets have also been modified to
support a bitmap mask).

The xpm reading functions in gdk have been modified to optionally
return a bitmap mask as well as the pixmap. Additionally, a new
xpm function has been added which loads the xpm from a C data
structure instead of from a file. This allows xpm's to be embedded in
the code itself. 

And there have been some bug fixes and other miscellaneous changes.


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