Re: [gtk-list] Re: giving focus to windows

> I'm not sure about focus, if by that you mean keyboard focus -

Yes, I did mean that.

> generally the control over which toplevel has the keyboard focus
> is left up to the window manager. (People might become upset if 
> it changed in unexpected manners.) But one nice thing you can do
> in this regard is to raise the window when the item is selected
> again. (I think this should be done to all of the GIMP's dialogs.)

Perhaps you're right and in this case that will do (I tried it, and it
might be what I want, or it might not, I'm not sure yet :-)

However, when the window is iconified, raising doesn't work.  Can someone
tell me how that's done?

(And still, when you look at Netscape for Windoze (yuk!): if you open
a new browser-window, you can select one from somewhere in the menus
and the selected one will get focus; but maybe this is a windoze thing,
because the Linux version of Netscape just raises the window but does
not give it focus...)

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