Re: [gtk-list] Re: PATCH: GTK I18N patch

Eiichi Takamori wrote:
>   Hey, that's the very one we have been waiting so long... very neat!!!
>   I tested it on Linux / XFree86 3.2 and Japanese EUC environment.
> Good job.  Everything worked except GtkTooltips. (I guess it's because
> GtkTooltips isn't real widget, but not sure)
>   I think gtk_set_locale() should be part of GDK, and simply be called
> by gdk_init().  What do you think?
> Cheers,

	Thanks a lot for your positive response. The reason that 
GtkTooltips is not internationalized yet is because tooltips, as you
said, is NOT a widget. It does not have its own GtkStyle. The original
codes use default style for tooltips so it is not possible to specify
the font or colors of tooltips by resource file. This is why there are
functions like gtk_tooltips_set_forground(). In my opinion, tooltips
should use the style of the widget associated with as default.

	Another problem involved in internationalize widgets like 
tooltips and text is that they should have some kind of "line breaking"
ability. It is quiet diffcult to do this in a "truely internationalized"

	As to gtk_setlocale, it is actually a duplication of 
XtSetLanguageProc. Yes, it should be put to a lower level as part of

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