Re: [gtk-list] Re: GraphicsExpose (was Re: About the About Box)

Owen Taylor writes:
>      gdk_draw_pixmap (widget->window,
>		       scroll_test_gc,
>		       widget->window,
>		       ...)
>      /* Make sure graphics expose events are processed before scrolling
>       * again */
>      while ((event = gdk_event_get_graphics_expose (widget->window)) != NULL)
>	{
>	  gtk_widget_event (widget, event);
>	  if (event->expose.count == 0)
>	    break;
>	}

I thought this is what I originally tried to do to fix the scrolling
problems in the gimp. That was the original reason for writing
"gdk_event_get" (which, btw, did work when originally written). I'm
fairly positive that the scrolling bugs for gimp image windows were
fixed at one point in a manner similar to the above. The theory of
operation seems sound to me.


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