Re: [gnome] CVS commit: gtk+/gtk

> Update of /debian/home/gnomecvs/gtk+/gtk
> In directory debian:/debian/tmp/cvs-serv13392
> Added Files:
> 	gtkhandlebox.c gtkhandlebox.h 
> Log Message:
> Start of work on a widget to allow you to drag other widgets in and out of
> windows (i.e. like KDE has for its menu bars). 
> - sopwith

Sounds cool. But:

Wouldn't it be possible to

  a) Write the widget outside the GTK tree, post it someplace, let
     people look at it -- then add it to the tree?
     (This was done for Fixed, EventBox, ButtonBox, ...)


  b) If you _really_ need it in the CVS tree (for some reason),
     create a branch for it.

I think it would be nice to keep extraneous stuff out of the
main tree until we get 1.0 out the door.

And you might want to coordinate this with Guillaume Laurent 
<> who is apparently working on something
similar in the context of RoseGarden.

GTK is really much closer to being a "finished product" than
GNOME and I don't think the "create a file to call dibs" approach
works very well at this point.


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