Re: [gtk-list] Re: [patch] gtknotebook.c

> Mmmh, I've just tested gtk+-0.99.0 ... 
> Unfortunately we're running in trouble, since gtklabel also set's and 
> removes a clip region for the black and white gc in it's expose
> function. Therefore white_gc and black_gc are not clipped after the
> first draw_tab...

You're right. Though it is pretty hard to trigger that bug...
(I had to use _two_ overlapping windows). I'll back out my
changes and put your original patch in.

Oh well, it was worth a try. 

I really don't like all these clip regions we have to set - we're
probably losing most of the speed advantages of not having windows by
having to set the clip region all over the place. But the first thing
to do is to get the display right - then we can worry about speed.

I'm not really sure that adding clipping to labels was the right
thing to do - when clipped labels are needed it was possible to
get them anyways, either by using an EventBox or by setting the
clipping region on the parent window - and now we set two clip
regions for each time a label is drawn. (We could definitely
do better on this, anyways - when the label isn't insensitive only
one needs to be set.)


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