Re: [gtk-list] pixmap disappers

Takashi Matsuda wrote:
> It seems that clip mask is not interpreted as usual pixmap, just mask pattern.
> In the gimp-0.99.15/app/interface.c (create_pixmap ()), I can see following
> code.
>      *mask = gdk_pixmap_new (parent, width, height, 1);
>      gc = gdk_gc_new (*mask);
>      gdk_draw_rectangle (*mask, gc, TRUE, 0, 0, -1, -1);
>      tmp_color.pixel = 1;
>      gdk_gc_set_foreground (gc, &tmp_color);

It seems that mask is independent of the colormap and is just a mask
Thanx for the info.
I'll post a patch for that tomorrow (I'm not at home this evening :( ).


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