Re: [patch] gtk?paned.c and gtkmenuitem.c

Tim Janik writes:
>BTW:	could someone state where to send patches to?
>	1) to gtk-list to give several people the advantage
>	   of running a stable gtk version and try out new
>	   patches?
>	2) to peter mattis personaly, because he is going
>	   to setup the new gtk+ version?
>	3) to
>	4) to jay painter because he is starting on a new
>	   unoffical version?
>	4) to
>	Actualy, i'm a little bit confused about this,
>	anyways i will at least Cc: this to me so that
>	at least i run my patch ;)))

I would either a) send the patches to this list or b) upload them to Note that I will get patches sent to this
list quicker than patches sent to

For the past two days I have been integrating all the patches I have
received over the past months. One thing I noticed and that bugs me is
that many of the patches have completely different indentation styles
from the style used throughout GTK. I'm not really picky about which
coding style is used on a project, only that it is used
consistently. And since GTK is (for the moment) still my project, I'm
going to be enforcing my coding style. This shouldn't be too difficult
to deal with since I use, for the most part, the GNU coding style. I
plan on not accepting any patches in the future unless they adhere to
my style. My intention isn't to be a pain, but to make life easier on


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