Re: [gtk-list] Re: Accessing gtk from guile

Marius Vollmer writes:
>Peter Mattis <petm@scam.XCF.Berkeley.EDU> writes:
>> It looks about what I imagined guile/gtk to look like from the C
>> side. It would be nice if you could auto-generate the interface. I
>> created a backend for lcc to do this for SIOD/gtk.
>Yes, that's smart.  Are you still working on Scheme bindings? (SIOD
>and Guile should be mostly the same) I think I'll get serious about
>glueing Gtk to Guile but I don't want to duplicate your work of
>I noticed that you are adding a more regular interface at the C level,
>namely `gtk_object_new', `gtk_object_set', etc.  That is exactly what
>I was hoping for.

I guess I can send you my lcc backend code and my ideas for how
"gtk_object_new" and "gtk_object_set" could be used from a scripting
language, though you probably already have some ideas. You can
probably modify the lcc backend so that it outputs stub functions for

And no, I'm not really working on the scheme bindings anymore. I do,
however, want to finish the "*new" and "*set" mechanisms so that they
can be used from a scripting language.


PS I'll try and remember to send the lcc stuff when I'm back on my
home machine.

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