Fwd: myanmar pango modules released under sourceforge.net

Dear Lists

I'm happily to inform you that about submitting new project for myanmar modules in pango. It would be very distinct implementation of successful project in oss platform in myanmar.

We have a distinct progress in our character encoding in april. In last ISO meeting, 7 new character code point are approved in ISO 10646. We finished latest patch in end of March. We doubted to release before ISO Meeting with current unicode 4.1 encoding.  And we are finding other bugs in our patch.

Our proposed characters can be read in http://www.unicode.org/alloc/Pipeline.html But UTC not accepted/published our new character in unicode standard. So, we need to aware those issues in any kind of new implementation. We are worrying about transcoding, other standards issues and reinvent process in that area.

In this implementation; Ko Tin Myo Htet (tmhtet gmail com) has been accomplished by his eager efforts. we can't get successful implementation without his contribution. In version 6 of our patch, we are very happy announcing our implementation in pango modules.

Our state table totally based on khmer shaper modules. we would like to acknowledge Mr Jeans Herden (jens khmeros info ) from Khmer OS. We also thanks to Mr Javier Sola for his strong supports and guide.
We are now published as a project which is conformed with unicode 4.1 process under sourceforge.net. you can get new burmese patch and screen shoots at http://sourceforge.net/projects/prahita I would like to invite you join to our project.

This patch supports to render current Unicode 4.1 Standards myanmar texts.

In this myanmar modules patch;
- pango An open type font with microsoft favour opentype tags;
- shaper for Myanmar Script (myanmar-fc.c)
- language engine for Myanmar Script (myanmar-lang.c)
- state table for Myanmar Script (myanmar.h)

In Future;
- smart input methods
- cursor movement navigation
- new encoding model transcoding & implementation
- other ethnics language rendering system
- word breaking
- sample texts
- installation manuals
- others

I'm looking forward your valuable comments and any information.


Ngwe Tun

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