Re: testing pango with 770

ext Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

>This is interesting, since pango-1.11.1 has our recent optimizations in
>You mentioned that you were using gettimeofday().  Can you please test
>the "pango-profile" module from CVS?  It has a slightly more
>sophisticated timer, using times().  I've found it to be quite reliable,
>and it gives reproducible results.

I've been running pango-language-profile now aswell, also produced new
results with fs-tests BUT then when I made tests with x86 I found out
with callgrind&kcachegrind that quite much of the time was spent on
typecasts and checks ...  so actually I've been running stuff with debug
turned on (instead of 'minimal' in stable release) :-/ With x86 this
does not seem to make much difference but with arm I'd expect results
with new pango to be better. I'm sorry for my misconclusions, I'll run
the tests again and post results!

// Tapani

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