Re: PanGorilla Selects Fonts Then Never Uses Them Again

On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 03:39 -0500, PagCal wrote:
> Once pango_fc_font_map_get_patterns gets a font-set from FcSort, it dutifully 
> prepares each one for display, and then throws this font-set into it's cache.
> It seems to grab the first font in the font-set to use for display and starts displaying 
> glyphs. For each glyph, it calls Xft convert between gunicode and an internal 
> representation. All is well until Xft returns a 0, which means the currently selected 
> font doesn't have a glyph for that unicode. Try U+4d17 for example, as it's a seldom used Chinese font.
> Now, things get interesting.
> Instead of moving on to the next font in the font-set, pango says in effect,
>  oh-well, better display a little box with the unicode number in it. 

If Pango decided to use a font without the glyph in it for the
character, that meant that *no* font on the system had the character.

This probably means that the fonts that you are trying to use aren't
in your fontconfig path.


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