PanGorilla Font Selection Still Elusive

Dudes, I still don't have PanGorilla selecting the proper CJK fonts yet. Is it true it was debugged for Latin fonts, but not CJK? It seems so.

The nexis subroutine for the solution to this problem seems to be pango_fc_font_map_get_patterns.

Finding it was no easy matter, as you have publised no architecural documentation, nor is the code documented, even to the point of a proper BNF for the one font selection routine the user has available. Shame on you!

In any event, it seems that this routine calls the libfontconfig function FcSort and friends, but not before it builds an FcPattern up from user input, then quick callbacks to GTK2 and Xft2.

But, I note the routine in question doesn't consider LANG, as in 'export LANG=zh_CN' or whatever. However, once FcSort is called, libfontconfig does consider the 'language' string a make or break font attribute. LANG is getenv'd by libfontconfig however, whenever you call FcMatch and friends, so it gets set and used (mostly) properly there.

This is probably a bug you should fix, or at least come up with a decent document detailing how PanGorilla ends up with a particular font.

What role does /etc/pango/pangox.aliases play in all of this?

As for /etc/fonts/fonts.conf, I had to add 'MS Song' a few places before I could get PanGorilla/libfontconfig to even consider using them, so it seems out-of-date.

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