Re: Pango-1.13.0 released [unstable]

[limiting CCed lists]

On Mon, 24 Apr 2006 Valdis Kletnieks vt edu wrote:

> Behdad: When posting "first release in unstable series", would it be
> possible to list the set of targeted goals, with the understanding that
> we won't hold it to you.  I know I'll be running 1.13.0 as soon as it
> hits the Fedora Rawhide tree, courtesy of 'yum update'.  But I'm sure that
> there's a lot of other testers that could be enticed out of the woodwork
> with a short "We hope to get features X, Y, and Z into 1.14.0".....

Right.  I see your Luis hat :)

Things I like to see done for 1.14 in no particular order:

  - Use Unicode 5.0 data and update any algorithms that changed [bug 336282]
  - Rewrite word-boundaries to follow UAX#29 [bug 97545]
  - Integrate Damon's TeX-style h&j engine [bug 64538]
  - Fix various small-api feature requests in bugzilla
  - Vertical writing directions [bug 99523]
  - Robust behavior with missing/unusable fonts
  - Lazy line-breaking/word-boundaries computation [bug 123646]
  - Cleaning up / unifying the common code in fc modules [bug 328185]
  - Better support language-sensitive font selection and OpenType features [bug 325714]


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