Re: Pango font metric discrepency

On Tue, 18 Apr 2006, nerdy wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to know why there is a difference in the font
> metrics between simillar fonts in windows and linux. For
> example for arial font of size 34, the ascent, descent and char
> width has values of 32, 7 and 9 respectively in windows MFC .
> But when using gtk pango, the values are 43, 13 and 13
> respectively. Why is there a discrepency in the metrics of a
> similar font. Note that I am using same ttf file in both
> windows and linux.

Different dpi settings?  Windows typically assumes a 96dpi, while
X typically has a correct dpi setting.

> In windows , I am extracting the metric information using MFC
> API. In linux, I am extracting the metric information using
> pango_font_metrics_get_ascent, pango_font_metrics_get_descent
> functions.

Which version of Pango?  Is it using the cairo backend?
If the dpi setting is not the answer, file a bug on and we will see.


> Thanks and regards,
> nerdy

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