Re: how to make a project develped using anjuta support intl

rush ta wrote:


I am developing a project using Anjuta / Glade in GTK2.0 ....

I want the application to support 3-4 non english languages....

Guys i have tried getting help from anjuta people ..

but all invain ....

Can anyone help me...

I can mail U a demo proj tarball if U want...

The magic word is "gettext"; the library for internationalisation.
When you create an anjuta project, you have the option to enable Gettext
which adds automatically the needed libraries and stubs.

If you want to make a difference, you can make a bugzilla entry for Anjuta to change the message for
"Enable Gettext support"
"Enable Internationalisation support (Gettext)"

For the rest on gettext and what is left to do to make it work,


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