Re: Designing a Better Font Selection Widget for use in Open Source Software

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On Tue, 27 Sep 2005 Edward H.Trager wrote :
>... regarding a proposal for an improved font selection drop-down
>widget that would be ideal for use in professional-quality Open
>Source word processing, desktop publishing, and graphic design
>programs such as, Gimp, Inkscape, and similar

Sorry for the delay in the follow-up: I have been travelling, and
replying to email has not been easy. I like your proposal very much.
There are a couple more additions for Indic scripts that I would like
to propose:
1. Indic scripts should have a sub-classification below the top-level
  one as you have proposed for Chinese, for example. There are two
  ways in which this could be done; the first being by the script,
  and the second by the encoding. Script-based classification
  might be needed as there are a wide variety of scripts, and people
  can often read only one or two. Moreover, it is possible for a
  language, e.g. Punjabi, to have more than one script.
  Classification by encoding is required for similar reasons as for
  the Chinese scripts: a wide number of fonts are in use where the
  Indian language characters are placed in the ASCII or basic Latin
  areas. Of course, this practice is wrong and should not be
  encouraged in this day and age, but the fact remains that these
  legacy fonts dominate over Unicode fonts in number and quality.
2. If the encoding is wrong as discussed above, the name of the font
  becomes meaningless in both English and the Unicode codepoins in
  the native language. This could probably be addressed by the font
  alias scheme discussed in your XML schema for the font selection


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