How can I run the i18n helloworld program

I tried to display helloworld in Chinese on the
embedded linux system.  I inputted
the Chinese translation to the helloworld program  on
X86 machine and cross-compile it with X11 libs and
gtk1.2. Everything is fine except that it can't
display chinese words on a
button,while it can display the chinese words on X86
machine ,which compiled with gcc.

I copy the same configuration of X86 such as
/etc/gtk/gtkrc.zh_CN and /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts to
the embedded system target ,and tried to display the
chinese,But at last it cann't .It seems as if it
cann't find the correct fonts.

I confirmed something as following:
1. I checked whether X support locale with the
XSupportsLocale() function,and as a result,it can
support .
2. Of course the libc support the locale

My question is as following:
1.Whether the gtk1.2 just support UTF-8 locale only?
Can it support the GB2312?
2.How many configurations should copy in order to
display the chinese helloworld?
3.How the program find the correct fonts  according
with the locale?

I wish you can help me! Thanks very much!!!

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