Re: I think there is a bug in get_shaper_and_font() in pango-1.8.2

On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 16:04 +1200, Stephen Blackheath wrote:
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> Dear Pango developers,
> Hello there!  I've been trying to work on getting Mozilla Firefox to
> render Hebrew properly, and I have discovered what I think is a bug in
> Pango 1.8.2, and - (without a thorough check), seems to exist in
> pango-1.9.1 as well.  The information below doesn't constitute a
> "proper" bug report as such, but it should hopefully at least be enough
> to point out that there is a problem.  Please let me know if you want
> more in)formation, or a proper test case.

A test case that doesn't involve millions of lines of code would
definitely be hugely appreciated.

(You could start with the stuff in examples/ ... something there
might demonstrate your bug with the right input text


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