Format/Encoding of Drag-and-drop data


I'm trying to support drag-and-drop functionality in which any file
can be dragged from the explorer, such as Nautilus, and dropped onto
my application.  My application is supposed to try and open this file.

I need to support ANY file name, including complex scripts, so I need
to know the format in which the data in the drop target is received. 
It doesn't look like UTF-8, because the bytes in the filename look all
mangled up.  For example, when I drop a file whose filename is in
arabic, that is UTF-8 values of {-40, -87, '\0'), then the actual
bytes received in the data at the drop target are: {37, 68, 56, 37,
65, 57, \0'} (all values shown in decimal).  The latter list is not a
valid UTF-8 string, and obviously not the same as the first list,
which I expected it to be.

The value of the "format" field in the GtkSelectionData structure is
equal to 8, but I don't know the actual encoding of the data.  Could
somebody help me out with this?


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