Syriac in CVS

I'm working on applying some of the stack of unapplied patches and
script additions to Pango now, and just landed the 
Emil Soleyman-Zomalan's Syriac shaper in CVS.

Changes I made while applying the patch:

* Fixed leftover INCLUDE_ARABIC_FC in syriac/
* Replaced usage of 0xFFFF to mean "all glyphs" with
  #define ALL_GLYPHS ~(gulong)0
* Removed unused 'input' variable, some related cleanups.
* Switched syriac-ot.[ch] to fix residual FreeType coding 
  style leftovers.
* Removed unused syriac_glyph_feature enumeration
* Changed comment in syriac-ot.c to be clear that the R1-R11
  numbering doesn't correspond to either the Arabic or
  Syriac sections of the Unicode standard.

I'd also like to move the fallback_shape() code from
the Pango and Arabic shapers into pangofc-font.c, but will
do that later.


Emil - if you want CVS access to be able to make future 
fixes to the Syriac shaper directly, just send me the
information from

and I'll forward it to accounts gnome org  I'm also happy
to apply patches if you put them in bugzilla, but I'm known
to be a bit slow at times.

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