Proposed Changes for Thai Modules


I would like to propose changes to Thai modules in Pango and GTK+ IM,
mainly for Lao script support.

As Lao script is so close to Thai that it can be handled with almost the
same logic, I propose to extend Thai modules to cover Lao as follows:

1. Pango - Add Lao script support: Bug #156781.
2. GTK+ IM - Add a real Thai IM module, with Lao support: Bug #81031.
3. Deprecate imthai-broken GTK+ IM module.
4. As a notice, recent proposed patches for Pango and GTK+ IM share two
   common source files for character properties (namely, thai-charprop.[ch]).
   Currently, they're duplicated in both places. So, they need to be closely
   synchronized through code maintenance.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

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