Re: glitches with russian

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Owen Taylor wrote:

> On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 11:40, Alex V. Kovirshin wrote:
> > It's a small glich, but i alwasy get it if using gtk2.
> > Well, i compiled firefox with a gtk2 toolkit, and you can see a
> > screenshot, as you can see there all is
> > ok with russian in the document, but not in the window title (codes
> > \x{0424} ...)
> >
> > I recompiled firefox using gtk toolkit (gtk1), here is a screen shot
> >, as you can seee there all is ok
> > either in documtn body, or window title...

> App bug.

  I thought Mozilla might be to blame, but it turned
out that it's not. Alex uses fvwm2 (I asked him off-line) and ru_RU
locale (instead of ru_RU.UTF-8). Mozilla hands over a UTF-8 string
to gtk2's gtk_set_title() which is supposed to do all the chores [1].
It seems like gtk_set_title() doesn't support COMPOUND_STRING (is it
COMPOUND_TEXT?)  and fvwm2 doesn't understand UTF8_STRING. As a result,
fvwm2 gets 'escaped' strings for characters not representable in STRING.
It's a pure speculation at this point.  (I have yet to see the source
of gtk_set_title()).

  Alex, if you set the locale to ru_RU.UTF-8 before launching fvwm2,
what happens?

[1] See

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