Re: Malayalam character classification

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 14:44, Owen Taylor wrote:

> The vowel sign for u renders after the ka, which I believe is
> wrong. The problem here, I think, is that the u/uu/and vocalic r
> are classed as _db but in reformed Malayam they should be 
> _dr instead.
> In fact, indic-ot-class-tables.c has:
>  * FIXME: this is correct for old-style Malayalam (MAL) but not for
> reformed Malayalam (MLR)
> If I'm correct and the ordering actually needs to be different
> for old-style and reformed Malayalam, how do we handle this?

With a little more research, I think I'm wrong. Nakanishi's
"Writing Systems of the World" shows that for kyu the vowel
sign combines with the ya not with the ka. So the current 
classification of _db is wrong for both traditional and 
reformed Malayalam. 

I'll go ahead and make the change. At least for this we don't
have to deal with different behaviors for the two forms.


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