Re: word breaks

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 12:05:19AM -0500, Nathan Fredrickson wrote:
> I'm using Pango for the first time through the GTK+ API.  I've noticed
> some odd behavior when Pango breaks text that contains numbers into
> words.  For example, "word1234" becomes "word" and "234".
> Is this expected behavior?  If not, is it a problem with Pango or GTK+?

This is Pango.

I believe this is #97545:

Because UTR #29 has this rule for word breaking:
  Don't break within sequences of digits, or digits adjacent to letters.
    Numeric x  Numeric
    Letter  x  Numeric
    Numeric x  Letter

(Ah, memories!  I filed that bug 14 months ago.  I'm not complaining,
but every so often I remember it...)

Evan Martin
martine danga com

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