Re: Pango Multilingual Input Reading

On Friday 2004.01.09 11:09:27 -0800, Stefan Baums wrote:

> and the Chinese writing system (for which one
> would have to go through an external input method engine, and I
> have not yet found a single one that works satisfactorily _and_
> does so in a UTF-8 locale).

Have you tried SCIM (
It works perfectly under *any* UTF-8 locale (I and Mike Fabian made the suggestion
to the author to make it so under any UTF-8 locale, not just the CJK UTF-8 locales,
and James Su, the author, implemented the suggestion in a very short time!).
It seems to work flawlessly for typing Chinese into KDE apps and Mozilla: I haven't
really tried it for other Gnome/GTK+-based apps, but SCIM itself uses GTK+ and integrates
into the Gnome desktop, so I don't see why it wouldn't work.  I have some brief notes
and screen shots of SCIM in action at

-- Ed Trager

> Relatedly, where how can I set the GTK+ default input method
> permanently to XIM?
> Stefan
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