Spacing out

I'm running into something that's either a bug or feature. I'm trying to
determine which it is and how to proceed from here.

Ximian Evolution uses Pango to display email message bodies.  When the
body of a message includes consecutive spaces (U+0020), the rendering
code converts all but one to a non-breaking space (U+00A0).  The problem
that I'm running into is when reading an email message that includes
either tables or ASCII art, both are often misaligned, sometimes badly
(see also  As far as
I've been able to chase this down within the rendering code, the display
box for U+00A0 is often one pixel thinner and one pixel taller than
U+0020 in many fixed-width fonts.

What I'm wondering is if this is the expected behavior and, if so, is
there some simple change I can make to the calling programs to get it to
display as expected? 

FWIW: it appears that PCF fonts are getting displayed as expected,
TrueType and Postscript fixed-width fonts are misaligned.

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