Re: Keyboard shortcuts for international characters

Yesterday at 20:57, Simos Xenitellis wrote:

> 1. I could not find the location of the keyboard configuration that
> gnome-keyboard-properties uses.
> Doesn't gnome-keyboard-properties use as well (with XKB) the X server
> files found at gnome-keyboard-properties?

XKB files are usually provided with your X server, and are commonly
located in /etc/X11/xkb/.  Perhaps Owen was referring to now
deprecated gkb-new applet which provided xmodmap files?  Though, I
have not looked into any of this in a looooong time, so I may be only
confusing things even more :)

> 2. When I add three keymaps with gnome-keyboard-properties, I am not
> able to switch between them with a shortcut. With two it's fine.

I don't have that problems, and I use 3 layouts in my everyday work,
and "Both Shift keys change group" option.

> 3. Me wonders who manages localisation of 
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb/rules/xorg.xml
> It has been touched by 10 languages only, it's relatively unknown.

Translation Project: from the top of my head,  Look for xkeyboard-config or
xfree86_xml module (the latter is the old one if it still exists).

> 4. For a distro, how can you configure the default keyboard
> map when the user chooses a specific locale?

It would depend entirely on the distro itself, and the way a locale
is chosen.  Perhaps it's worth looking into GDM.

> 5. I realised that Greek Polytonic does not work (dead keys do not produced
> accented characters). Who should I bug on this?

Check if proper Compose sequences exist in Gtk+ source code (note that
Gtk+ can produce only precomposed characters, it cannot produce
sequence of characters like X can [at least it was so last time I
checked]).  If they don't exist, try looking into your X Compose file,
$XROOT/lib/X11/locale/el_GR.UTF-8.  If they exist there, and are not
using only precomposed glyphs, I think it should be treated as RFE for
Gtk+.  You can test this either in xterm, xev or in Gtk+ programs
with "X Input Method" enabled.


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