Pango-1.8 branched, 1.10 development

I've created a stable pango-1-8 branch in CVS now. This is the
branch that will be used for GNOME-2.10. (Note: Pango has no 
user docs or translations, so don't follow up and tell me what lists
I'm forgetting to Cc :-)

The main work I'm planning to do on the HEAD branch is Cairo support
for use in GTK+-2.8. 

Other possible things that people might want to work on:

 - Hyphenation (#147659) and justification (#64538). Damon 
   has a pretty complete patch for hyphenation as I 
   understand it.

 - Vertical text. (#99523) With the rotated text support in 1.8, 
   it shouldn't be that hard to go ahead and support a vertical 
   writing direction. (Reference is CSS3 text module)

 - Khmer support. Sounds like this is coming along well. 

 - Other scripts. Of scripts encoded in Unicode, we miss
   Myanmar, Mongolian, Tagalog, Hanunoo, Buhid, Tagbwana.
   The first two have are hard. The last four are easy,
   but likely requiring OpenType font creation and writing
   (small) specs for how OpenType fonts work for those 
   languages. [Graphite might really be the right approach
   for those four languages anyways]

 - Awareness of font features in font selection. (Enables 
   Graphite support.) #135697 has a link to what needs to be

 - Fixing the pile of outstanding Indic shaper bugs, and related
   to that, creating a test suite. (I have a start at a test
   framework that I could provide if someone was interested)

 - Making rendering independent of normalization form; font
   selection for combining diacriticals. (#139950, #101406,
   #89449) Hard but might be pretty rewarding. OpenType support 
   for latin fonts (#101079) is the "dessert" here.
 - Other bug fixes (PangoLayoutIter (#89541),
   pango_default_break (#97545) are nice meaty problems.)


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