pango + mozilla

 I have compiled Mozilla-1.7.2  source with pango enabled, but it doesnot
render unicode fonts. I first configured the source & then compiled using
the following commands.

./configure --enable-pango

After this  I run the Mozilla in the ./dist/bin directory. But it did not
render a malayalam unicode text file at all. I have installed pango-1.5.2,
it renders well in gedit.
 Previously I had downloaded a "pango enabled mozilla-1.7 package". It
renders well, but with problems in chillaksharams(pure consonants).

 My doubts are,
1) Does Mozilla uses the pango installed in the system or whether it
provides its own.
If it uses the pango installed in the system then gedit & it should display
alike. isn't it?.

2) What should I do to the source-compiled mozilla to make use of pango
installed in the system.


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