Re: Numeric shaping in Pango

On Sun, 2003-09-21, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

>>What's the current status of numeric shaping in pango? I'm mostly
>>interested in ability to convert European digits to western/eastern
>>Arabic-Indic ones.
> That is not done in Pango, but in glibc. Read 'man 3 printf', and search
> for 'glibc' there:
> glibc 2.2 adds one further flag character.
> I      For decimal integer conversion (i, d, u)  the  output  uses  the
>        locale's  alternative output digits, if any (for example, Arabic
>        digits).  However, it does not include  any  locale  definitions
>        with such outdigits defined.
> Although the information is a little outdated, and the 'fa_IR' locale
> *does* include outdigit definitions.

Roozbeh, this doesn't seem to work for me in 'fa_IR' locale, though it
indeed defines outdigit. I'm running on RehHat 9 (if it may be important).


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